Ledaal Takezo, Chosen of Saturn

Takezo is my character in the S:PI campaign. He dresses in a simple Gi almost all the time, he is tall and slim with good muscle tone and has his long thin white hair in a pony-tail down his back. He keeps his katana peace bonded when operating in Yu-Shan or the more civilised areas of creation.

Chosen of Endings

"Suzie", Harbinger of the Pride

"Suzie" is an Abyssal exalt in JD's one-off Penitence, looking to spread the word of her Dark Master...

Azir Lerayn, Royal Physician of Tredamin

Dr Azir Lerayn is a Solar exalt in BSR's chronicle Golden Opportunity, looking to build his resources in pursuit of his ultimate curative...

We have art in order not to die of the truth, Let the Pyramid Spin

This is my sidereal for the Exalted S:PI game. She is grumpy and pragmatic (probably her most redeeming feature). It is lucky she has charms to make friends for her.

She believes that heaven - the roles and jurisdictions of the divine - do not merely reflect the state of Creation. Instead the two realms have a symbiotic relationship. If either is in chaos then the other cannot be ordered. Both are chaotic at present, indeed Creation is threatened on all sides by powerful enemies, and yet perhaps the most effective way to stop all these foes is not by facing them down directly but by setting Creation's divine mirror in order. Then, somehow, Fate will have the strength to tie up the earth-bound threats in their own chaos. Those who dwell outside Fate will be snipped from the loom and cast away. If, first, heaven is in order.

She is not bronze or gold faction - she has never been to the Realm and generally avoids the 'anathema' - but she does not, cannot state that the views of the factions are wrong. She is not willing to take a side on the issue of the solars and risk a divided heaven, however, so she refuses to engage with the topic at all and regards both sides with equal disdain. She is also perfectly happy to play to the factional divide - while she is not in a position to end it - for the good of those lands inside Fate.

For more information on Pyramid's heavenly duties some information on her work for the Bureau of Seasons and the Convention on Natural Disasters can be found here.

An example of her work for Serenity can be found here.

Visit her home, here

Some details of her day to day functioning can be found here.

Draft writing:

The dew is shed in beauty, and roses bloom

This is my lunar character from Golden Opportunity. Mani (the local name for the moon deity) was born in a nomadic barbarian tribe in the South. She was apprenticed to the shaman and exalted knowing sorcery. She studies terrestrial spells using the Salinan working and, so far, has never used a sorcery book to teach herself. She has great faith in the strength of her pack as a group, but values her friend Wandered Lamb - an ex-Immaculate Air Aspect born in the Varangian city states - for someone to theorize with. She only wishes Herla could stand him.


Hero-in-a-Half-Shell is a young man taken from privilege and plenty to the edges of the world where he must run from his former life to stay alive. Armed only with a powerful ancient scroll, three talented brothers, two magic swords, a can-do attitude and the shapeshifting power of a mercurial god grafted to his soul, who knows what lies in store for this pizza-loving reptile-boy.

Silent Lament of the Fallen Angel

Angel is a a classic loner. He has wandered creation on his own for a great deal of his life, and excels in self-sufficiency. He is an accomplished martial artist, athletic with sense and reflexes trained to the utmost. He is most at home in the wilderness, and when forced to seek human company tends to remain taciturn and brood silently in a corner.

Perfected Lotus, Sword of Heaven

Perfected Lotus is an archetypal wandering martial artist. He is a self-sufficient man, proficient in all forms of combat. He is both athletic and hardy, able to dodge blows, or simply absorb them with no apparent effect. Perfected Lotus is certainly striking in social situations, but he comes across to most as arrogant, unlikeable and stubborn. That said, he has been living on the Blessed Isle for his entire life, and has not failed to pick up the elegant and intricate systems of wordless expression so popular among the Dynasts. Although he is reasonably virtuous, few would describe him as a hero.

Nascent Blossom, Harbinger of Serenity

Nascent Blossom is the Heavenly agent in the Exalted chronicle Scrolls of the Monk, wandering Creation in search of learning, revenge and the means to return to Yu-Shan safely...

Shroud of Mist

Shroud of Mist is a Sidereal Exalt, Chosen of Secrets. He is independent of the Factions, preferring to do the job he was chosen for rather than waste his effort on a meaningless battle of bureaucratic wills. Although he is young, he has impressed several people within the Bureau of Destiny with his dedication and his ability to pull useful information out of the vaguest of circumstances.

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