Age: 31
Race: Male bladeling
Classes: Fighter / Occult Slayer / Fated Warrior
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Faction: Free League
Faith: Istus
Origin: Acheron / Thuldanin / Deathrisk


Age: 27
Race: Male changeling
Classes: Rogue / Fighter / Invisible Blade / Spymaster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: Free League
Faith: Irreverent/Lyris
Origin: Adran


Icarus is my character in Oneiros' DnD Planescape campaign PCT Watermark.

True Neutral
Male Halfling
Level 6 Sorcerer, Blood of Syberi; Level 2 Half-Fiend,
17 Year old from Sigil

He Who Brings the Night, The Architect of Oblivion

He Who Brings the Night is a Daybreak Caste created for JD's Penitence trilogy

Malice - Moonshadow Bureaucrat from Hell

Moonshadow Caste
1. Nature
Motivation: To subvert as many people in the southern state as possible.
Intimacies: Hatred of the Realm, Hatred of Dragon Bloods, Hatred of Solars, Hatred of benign governments
2. Attributes
Strength 2 Charisma 1 Perception 4
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 5 Wits 4
3. Abilities
Archery Integrity 3 Craft

The Reaper Cloaked in Oblivion's Shadow

Reaper is a character created for JohanDenerad's campaign Penitence. He is something of a Dusk Caste/Day Caste hybrid, at home as a general, a lone warrior or an assassin.


Dusk Caste servant of The First and Forsaken Lion


Motivation: To destroy the armies of every southern state.

Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a Chosen of Battles currently assigned to the S/PI/007 task force. He is currently on a break from this assignment and therefore, rather than getting to shine a light on the inherent corruption of factional politics, he is spending his time trying to survive the suicidal missions on which his faction-led division send him.

Ennico Sorrel

Ennico is a Chosen of Endings from Oneiros' campaign 'S:PI'. He is currently at his wits' end with Yu-Shan's backstabbing politics that almost got him killed in the last investigation.

Herla Anthurung

Herla is a Full Moon Lunar from BSR's campaign 'Golden Opportunity'. She lives to protect those who cannot protect themselves, help the helpless, and steal skyships from the Realm, who she hates.


Derenn'ai is my character in Oneiros' DnD Planescape campaign PCT.

Chaotic Good
Male lightning genasi (elf)
Scout 4 / Warmage 6 / Stormcaster 4
41 year-old Prime from Evermeet, Faerûn

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