A Cunning Stunt

In my opinion, stunting in Exalted is a very cool game mechanic that can encourage some really great roleplaying. Unfortunately, it often encourages behaviour that is not so great. A quick run-down:

Character Creation

This system uses a standard points buying mechanism to create your character with a scaling system so that higher values are more costly to acquire. This is the standard system for creating characters in Courts of Conflict but it is not the only one that could be used.


The basics of combat follow this simple turn based resolution system:
1. Calculate Turn Values and determine Turn Order
2. Calculate Combat Pool
3. First combatant declares attack
4. Defender applies relevant Defence
5. Determine damage
6. Move to second combatant

4. Talents

The next set of modifiers derives from what are known as Talents. These are innate traits or facets to help round out what your character can do or how they act as well as giving a slight mechanical benefit whilst doing so. Some of them trade drawbacks in certain areas for increased competence in others. Others are representative of professions for your character.

3. Resources & Wealth

These demonstrate what a character has to call upon when conducting their affairs. Usually (though not always), Resources are a physical asset that can be demonstrated as the source of a character’s wealth, a product or raw material (or access to thereof), or equipment of some kind.

2. Abilities

Other modifiers to the various checks come in the form of Abilities. An Ability represents a field of expertise or knowledge that the character is proficient in and can help when conducting operations or negotiations in that area. Combat is one such Ability as are things like Agriculture, Economics, History or Medicine.

System Basics

The diceless mechanic means that (barring a certain exception, to be described subsequently) there is no random determination of outcomes as in other games. Resolution should take place in one of two ways:

Courts of Conflict

Courts of Conflict is a system written by Oneiros and is a work-in-progress to develop a diceless RP system where the focus is on interpersonal relationships and how people and groups work together (or against each other) in order to accomplish their goals.

Creating Characters: Watermark

Watermark is the expansion to the main PCT campaign, looking at the adventures of another of Orondil's sponsored adventuring groups.

Ennico Sorrel

Ennico is a Chosen of Endings from Oneiros' campaign 'S:PI'. He is currently at his wits' end with Yu-Shan's backstabbing politics that almost got him killed in the last investigation.

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