Halls of Stone

A setting for the Pathfinder game. Halls of Stone is a world made entirely of mountains. Four civilised races live in ancient tunnels that span the world, while the surface is dominated by 4 aggressive giant races. Adventuring parties are sent into the deeper levels of the tunnels in order to recover treasures and secrets lost from the modern world.

The New World

The New World is the primary setting for the superhero system Larger Than Life. It is based on Earth, but an Earth that is pretty different to the one we know. The year is 2198 and a lot has happened between now and then.

School Hard

Here you can find a set of rules for the School Hard setting, including rules for creating and playing Emo Kids.

Time of Tumult

"Time of Tumult" is the default setting for White Wolf's Exalted RP system. It's a cinematic very-high-magic fantasy setting inspired by animé, with high-powered magical heroes wading through legions of far inferior mortals.

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