Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life is a system written by BSR. It's a "near-future" high action super hero system. The primary influences are the Scion system/setting from White Wolf and the Marvel Comics universe, though inspiration has also been drawn from other sources too, including other superhero comics, as well as other games such as new WoD, and GURPS Superheroes. The influences are pretty clear, and a lot of stuff has been kinda ripped off pretty directly. In some ways it's more of an homage and a blending than a truly original game. I'd urge you to try out some of these other games too as Larger Than Life will be in playtesting for some time yet.

It is anticipated that Larger Than Life will be primarily played in The New World setting written to go with it. The two go hand in hand and it may be difficult occasionally to seperate what is system and what is setting. The basic mechanics are based within White Wolf's Storytelling system, so attributes and abilities are generally rated on a 1-6 scale and rolls are a combination of two of these as a pool of d10s. Any die that shows a 7, 8 or 9 is a success and any die that shows a 0 is two success. The number of successes required on any roll would be set by the ST.

Below you will find links to explanations of the different mechanical aspects of the system.