Courts of Conflict

Courts of Conflict is a system written by Oneiros and is a work-in-progress to develop a diceless RP system where the focus is on interpersonal relationships and how people and groups work together (or against each other) in order to accomplish their goals.

Ideally this system can be used with a variety of settings from fantasy to modern day; one such setting will be Kingdom of Kayellin.

The mechanics have been tweaked from a variety of sources (not least concepts from Exalted, Amber and GURPS) in order to produce a relatively simplified basis to work from. However, this simplification does mean that the ST may have to make more judgement calls than is usual in an game like Exalted or D&D where is almost always a rule for what is desired. The ST should feel free to rule on “dramatic/narrative necessity & interplay” or just fiat, basically whatever they see fit to justify the ruling.

A fundamental precept of this system is that it should be social – the character’s stats are there to inform the roleplay experience and not necessarily dictate it. Therefore, a lot rests on the player’s ability to convey the nuances of their character rather than rely on numbers to push things through. The numbers help but they won’t always get the job done.

The second fundamental of this system is that Status brings advantages. Your status ranking is a key modifier on many of the checks made, particularly when dealing with other characters. This system makes no qualms about such being an important quality or for the simplification of it to a five point scale or that this generates an inherent inequality. It is evident throughout societies from ancient times to modern day that status (or class, authority, or however you wish to spin it) plays a significant part in how people deal with other, both on a practical and a perceived basis. This system tries to build some of that into the mechanics.