Exalted is a high fantasy system that uses White Wolf's Storyteller mechanics. It is a definite favourite of the Worlds Within Worlds team, with two of our headline campaigns Golden Opportunity and Sidereal:PI running in the Exalted system. It is characterised as being a great place for over-the-top action and high adventure, but also able to cater for occasional grittiness and realism in theme or tone.

There are two published settings for this system, though the intervening history is quite well fleshed out, so the possibilities of using any time between the two is left open.

Usually it uses the Time of Tumult setting. The end of the second age as creation falls apart at the seams. The details of this setting can be found in the core book, and enhanced through almost every other published piece of material for the setting.

The other published setting is the High First Age. This setting is detailed in the box set sold as 'Dreams of the First Age'.

Members of the WwW community have also experimented with their own settings for this system.

Learned Hand ran a brief campaign known as Exalted Modern. Set in a world that is similar to our own in most ways, and also took some inspiration from White Wolf's World of Darkness system.

Johan Denerad and a partner have also made frequent mutterings about a possible Exalted Future setting/campaign. We'll see if anything happens with that one.

There's a bit of our own creations for this setting here. That material is mostly from the Golden Opportunity campaign at the moment, but is likely to expand rapidly as Exalted is really the primary system we play in at WwW.