A roleplay System is a set of mechanics describing how to play a particular game. Many systems are geared towards particular Settings or types of settings (e.g. "fantasy"), but some are more independent and flexible.

WwW contains a separate section for every system we've written about. Some are existing systems that we've written articles about (e.g. variant rules, suggestions for porting them to another setting), while some are systems we've written ourselves.

Courts of Conflict

Courts of Conflict is a system written by Oneiros and is a work-in-progress to develop a diceless RP system where the focus is on interpersonal relationships and how people and groups work together (or against each other) in order to accomplish their goals.


Exalted is a high fantasy system that uses White Wolf's Storyteller mechanics. It is a definite favourite of the Worlds Within Worlds team, with two of our headline campaigns Golden Opportunity and Sidereal:PI running in the Exalted system. It is characterised as being a great place for over-the-top action and high adventure, but also able to cater for occasional grittiness and realism in theme or tone.

There are two published settings for this system, though the intervening history is quite well fleshed out, so the possibilities of using any time between the two is left open.

I'm Not OK

Within these pages you will find the rules for creating and playing Emo Kids in the School Hard setting.

Relive your glory days as a sixth form poet struggling to find something to rhyme with 'tears of blood'. Better yet, create a much better set of glory days as a sixth form poet who actually can think of something to rhyme with 'tears of blood'.

Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life is a system written by BSR. It's a "near-future" high action super hero system. The primary influences are the Scion system/setting from White Wolf and the Marvel Comics universe, though inspiration has also been drawn from other sources too, including other superhero comics, as well as other games such as new WoD, and GURPS Superheroes.