The New World

The New World is the primary setting for the superhero system Larger Than Life. It is based on Earth, but an Earth that is pretty different to the one we know. The year is 2198 and a lot has happened between now and then.

The primary change is obviously the presence of Supers, both heroes and villains. The world shattering importance of these people has rewritten the political landscape, disasters both natural and manmade have changed the physical geography of the planet somewhat, but this is nothing compared to the complete redrawing of political boundaries. Supers involve themselves at all levels of government and new super villians are always looking to hold humanity hostage for their own personal gain.

If that weren't enough the Earth has also made contact with alien civilizations much more advanced than our own. Three great interplanetary alliances control a great deal of the galaxy, but there are also numerous inhabited independent worlds like Earth. Earth's supers have ensured that Earth remains independent and off-limits to most hostile aliens, but many races still covet the planet and the riches it would bring.