School Hard

Here you can find a set of rules for the School Hard setting, including rules for creating and playing Emo Kids.

Below you will find rules for using the School Hard setting, and also rules for the powers gifted to but a select few by the Gods of emo. Powers sufficient to take over the world if only thost who wielded them weren't so damn whingy.


System and Setting

Which is which? Is School Hard the system? Is I'm Not Ok a setting for the system? That's kinda what I assumed.

I'm also hoping that at some point in the distant future (where there is only war) we can produce companion settings to I'm Not Ok. Cos we clearly need Nerds, Jocks, Cheerleaders, Skaters. And I dunno maybe like Drama kids as well or something?

Yeah... I got confused about

Yeah... I got confused about those things.

I suppose the best way to think of it as School Hard as a system, with a lot of different settings. The reason I got confused is because each of those different settings as a slightly different set of rules but... I think your way covers it.

I have ideas for jocks (they basically have to display manly behaviour to maintain their benefits, but doing so causes them to gain adrenaline, which causes them to lose control) and cheerleaders (with powers based on hypnotic effects). If anybody has some other ideas they want to write down though..

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