Charm Trees

In collaboration with MadLetter from the White Wolf Exalted forums, I have been working on producing consolidated Charm Trees for the various character types. As the welter of material and errata grows, so new Charms get scattered and it is easy to lose track of how they all fit together or even, where they all are.

The original thread from the forum and hosting for the current charm sets (by Exalt-type and Ability) is:

MadLetter has done/is revising the Solar and Abyssal trees. And I did the Dragon-Blood trees (though some are need of revision coz there are a few mistakes and I have a new format I'm using). Comments and suggestions are gratefully welcome here or in the forum thread. I hope these prove useful to you!

Whilst I wait for the Lunar errata to work on their trees, here are some other bits and pieces I've been working on:

1. Dragon King Paths

2a. Mountain Folk Foundation Pattern
2b. Mountain Folk Worker Pattern
2c. Mountain Folk Warrior Pattern
2d. Mountain Folk Artisan Pattern
2e. Mountain Folk Enlightened Pattern
2f. Mountain Folk Chaos Seer Pattern

3a. Infernal Charm Tree: Kimbery, The Sea That Marched Against the Flame
3b. Infernal Charm Tree: She Who Lives in Her Name, The Principle of Hierarchy
3c. Infernal Charm Tree: Adorjan, The Silent Wind (v1.5)
3d. Infernal Charm Tree: Malfeas, the Demon City