Mock the Week - It takes an episode to laugh, it takes a DVD to cry...

Well after my last post was so universally condemining of British TV I felt it might be important to offer a counterpoint.

So I wanted to talk about a show that I love as much as any other. I have never seen an episode of Mock the Week that hasn't made me laugh, and most of them make me laugh a great deal. I think Frankie Boyle is great and his angry, hateful persona is brilliant. The other regulars are always good too, and though the guests are sometimes not amazing they're normally pretty good and they sometimes get some brilliant ones.

I bought the DVD of Mock the Week recently. It's a bunch of stuff they had to cut out of the tv shows basically because of too much swearing. Some of the jokes are hugely foul, but also frequently hilarious. I was crying with laughter for a great deal of the DVD. They seem to be showing an episode on Dave most nights, and so I seem to be watching it most days. Apart from the incredible awfulness of the Cobra adverts that occurr in every break (possibly the least funny, most annoying thing I have ever seen on TV) they're worth watching even when I've seen them before. Doesn't seem to be much more to say really. I love Mock the Week. Go watch it and laugh.