Skins - Indicative of british failure

So I bitch about british TV a lot. I often claim that it is inferior to American TV, which I watch a lot more of and enjoy more. I should hasten to add I don't mean all American TV, but the best of it seems to be infinitely superior to the best of British TV. People occasionally try to change my mind, and one of the shows that has been mentioned to me during these discussions is Skins. Now I hate joining a show part way in but E4 were recently promoting the new series of Skins, series 3 I believe. And it since it seems to have reset the cast and the plot lines (what is this - Dynasty?). I decided I would give it a go.

I watch and have watched a lot of teen dramas in my time, and I'm not really sure which ones to compare Skins to. On the plus side they seem to have finally made the leap that American TV made a long time ago - everyone on screen should be attractive. Let's be honest for many shows the attractiveness of the cast is a big initial draw. However, the plot was boringly pedestrian, the humour was appalingly immature, and the main character seemed to be almost universally irredeemable hateful. I guess in some ways it was more realistic (or more 'gritty') than the american equivalents, but not in a way that made it more appealing. I guess it was quite watchable, but I did not care about anything that happened and found myself hating all of the characters and even myself a little by the end of the episode. So it's back to Gossip Girl for me.