Frasier S9 E03 – The ethics of continuity

Daphne centric episodes were few and far between in the early seasons, but they get more common in the later years of Frasier. I think this is a great episode, and for a while it seems really wrong, but the psychological justification that is revealed at the end feels really right. Also Kelsey Grammer is underused in this episode, which tends to improve things. He does however do a great job of directing – Moon Dance (S3 E13) is another example of this phenomenon. Though again the Martin/Frasier moments are really sweet.

The one thing I don’t like about this episode is the lack of repercussion. The final scene is great and Niles need to justify himself makes total sense, but what Daphne did is a really big deal – and a really serious breach of doctor-patient confidentiality, and I can’t help but feel that Niles would take it as seriously as his initial reaction implies, and even though he’d want to make Daphne feel better, he’d also not let the issue go quite so easily. Also it seems like Roz gets off scot free, despite her rather vital role in goading Daphne into it, and I think she should be called on it too. Admittedly Frasier doesn’t always take the ethical principles of psychiatry as seriously as perhaps it should, but it’s good about discussing them. And they don’t let characters get away with bad ethics very often, which I think has always been a strength of the show.