Scrubs S7 E11 - Out of order?

So finale season kind of snuck up on me. I guess I knew it was coming but the whole writer’s strike thing has thrown everything off. So this was the final episode of this season of Scrubs and I think it was billed as the series finale though, it seems to be moving networks. It’s all a bit uncertain, or maybe I’m just having trouble keeping up with developments. I’ve said a lot that I want Scrubs to end, but if I’m honest with myself I’m glad this wasn’t it. I hope it doesn’t continue to descend further into the mire of awfulness that it still hovers on the precipice of. But I also need closure, I need to feel like this is an end, a place where I can say goodbye and have it mean something. I’d rather watch an awful show for a year than have an ending which doesn’t feel right (season 10 of Friends anyone?).

This episode was a mixed bag, some of the stuff was great and I really liked the overall concept of the medieval story; Ted and the Janitor were great. And it was funny, the two headed monster of Turla being another joke I appreciated. There were the usual flaws though, the Eliot JD thing seems overly repetitive and eerily reminiscent of the Ross-Rachel dynamic, though actually Ross and Rachel were worse for always having a thing, but also seemed a little less samey each time it came round. I think I want them to end up together, if for no other reason than it would at least be closure, also it would provide the benefit of neither of them having to be endured by someone else. I also think that before they end the series they’ll want to tie up the relationships neatly and bringing in someone right at the end of a run (a la Frasier season 11) to do this with feels a lot more wrong than finding a way to do it in continuity of the series that already exists. I was hoping Eliot and Keith and JD and Kim would work out, that would have made me a lot happier than the carousel of pain that jump started the season, but I think that boat has sailed.

One thing that really jarred for me and I couldn’t figure out at all, what the hell was Kelso doing there? Did I miss an episode; did I miss a crucial scene at the end of the last one (or the one before)? I could have sworn he retired and refused to come back. If he was in the fantasy/story I could live with that, it’s a good character and a great portrayal, and love for him to still be involved, but either they’re paying no attention to continuity or I’m not. Either way I’ll be very, very sad. It almost seemed like the episodes were shown out of order - something that they've been guilty of on Scrubs before. It kind of spoiled what otherwise would have been quite a fun episode. Well, at least I can forget about it for a while and go back to watching good Scrubs from the early days. Still, hopefully season 8 will do better.