Tsang Hai Zho

Tsang Hai Zho is a Solar character appearing in Onerios' Of Kaleidoscopic Strategems campaign.

Tsang Hai was a young solar, certainly idealistic and many would call him naive. He believes Solars are heroes, called to help the world around them. Tsang has dreams of changing things for the better, crafting a world that is fair and just to all. His previous incarnation was a great deal more scholarly, but Tsang never took to such studies, though he naturally made a start. He was sent artifact hunting to try and engage his curiosity with the theory behind artifacts, and to gain some experience in the real world. He is grateful that Watcher, his Lunar mate, was sent with him as the two were almost the same age and get on very well. Tsang feels that at some point in the future they might well commit to each other, but with thousands of years of life stretching ahead of them they know that they have plenty of time to figure things out.

Night Caste Solar

Motivation: To live in a world run by a system that is fair and just.
Intimacies: Watcher, The Truth, Justice, The Solar Deliberative
Anima: Celestial Lion
Virtue Flaw: Blind Righteousness

Strength 2 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 4
Stamina 2 Appearance 2 Wits 4
Archery Integrity 3 Craft
Martial Arts 2 Performance Investigation 5
Melee Presence 1 Lore 2
Thrown Resistance 1 Medicine 4
War Survival Occult 1
Athletics Bureaucracy Compassion 3
Awareness 5 Linguistics 1 Conviction 4
Dodge 2 Ride Temperance 3
Larceny 5 Sail 1 Valour 3
Stealth 5 Socialise Willpower 8

Martial Arts (Bare Hands) 2
Stealth (Shadows) 2

Old Realm (Native)

Essence 2
Personal 14
Peripheral 35
Committed 9

Artifact Ultimate Everlasting Recorder 3
Artifact Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers 2
Artifact Starmetal Breastplate 1
Artifact Attunement Disk 1
Manse Gemstone of Night Vision 1

2nd Investigation Excellency

2nd Medicine Excellency
Wound Mending Care Technique

2nd Awareness Excellency

2nd Larceny Excellency
Lock-Opening Touch
Flawless Pickpocketing Technique

2nd Stealth Excellency
Easily Overlooked Presence Method
Mental Invisibility Technique