Veiled Sage

Veiled Sage is a Sidereal character appearing in Oneiros' Of Kaleidoscopic Stratagems campaign.

The last that sage remembers was his lie as a mid-ranking sidereal, working mostly for his division. He never paid as much attention in training as he should have, and was never well favoured in Yu-Shan, particularly as he hated playing the political games that the celestial city often requires. He loves being good at his job however, and was always a very highly rated field operative. He believes he is doing good work, and though unpleasant actions might occasionally be necessary he knows that in the long run he's helping. He was less than thrilled with the assignment of babysitting a young solar and lunar pair, he assumes that his superiors have good reasons. Though he might occasionally find his partner annoying, he respects her abilities and looks forward to working with her.

Chosen of Battles

Motivation: To start the war to end all wars
Intimacies: The Five-score Fellowship, Honour in Battle, The Sisters, Winged Heavenly Retribution, Finishing the mission
Anima: Suit of Armour

Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 3
Stamina 2 Appearance 2 Wits 2
Resistance 1 Craft   Archery  
Ride 3 Dodge Integrity 3
Sail   Linguistics 1 Melee 5
Survival   Performance 2 Presence 3
Thrown   Socialise 1 War 4
Investigation Athletics 4 Compassion 2
Larceny   Awareness 2 Conviction 3
Lore 4 Bureaucracy 2 Temperance 3
Occult 1 Martial Arts 1 Valour 4
Stealth 5 Medicine   Willpower 7

Melee (Sword + Shield) 2
Presence ("What a good idea!") 2

Old Realm (Native)

Essence 3
Personal 13
Peripheral 37
Committed 11

Backing Division of Battles 3
Backing Bureau of Heaven 1
Artifact The Sisters - Clotho: The Armour 4
Artifact The Sisters - Lachesis: The Shield 4
Artifact The Sisters - Atropos: The Sword 4
Salary   2
College The Spear 2
College The Shield 3
College The Messenger 2

Shield of Mars

1st Melee Excellecy
Impeding the Flow
Harmony of Blows

2nd Presence Excellency

2nd War Excellency
Predestined Triumph Practice

Avoiding the Truth Technique

2nd Stealth Excellency
Soft Presence Practice
Blinding the Boar

Inexorable Advance