Basic Info

Species: Wookiee
Born: 24 BBY on Kashyyyk (currently 33)
Gender: Male
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 360lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Skin: ?


"I'm game."
- Zaalbar, to numerous frustrated bookies

Zaalbar was a guerrilla soldier and crack pilot, who flew the infamous smuggling ship the Hidden Sun under the captaincy of Rufus Hokk. Hardened to conflict and danger at a young age, Zaalbar spent most of his time in and out of gunfights, dogfights and barfights. Trouble never really left his side; even in his later, wiser days he was involved in conflicts far and wide across the galaxy.

His early life was split between insurgency against Imperial oppression on his home planet of Kashyyyk, incarceration on Imperial mining colonies and the often long space flights between the two. The wookiee resistance's continually frustrated attempts bore him not only a hatred of the Empire, but a sense of shame and alienation toward his species; indeed, he was not able to complete his Hrrtayyk - the Wookiee coming-of-age ceremony - due to his sporadic and constrained stays on his homeworld.

Captured for what seemed the thousandth time on the planet Elom, Zaalbar decided not to return to Kashyyyk and instead strike out on his own. While he was able to get off the planet Imperial forces were soon hot on his tail. He was fortuitous enough to run into the crew of the Hidden Sun during his flight, whose anti-Imperial feeling and need for a strong arm recommended Zaalbar to them immensely.

While working on the Sun Zaalbar discovered something in his life that had been missing: flying ships. He had ridden in hundreds, but the feeling behind the controls was so exhilarating (and the first time, almost fatal) as to completely eclipse anything he had previously experienced. When not stashing whatever cargo the Sun had been commissioned to obtain, Zaalbar could be found in the cockpit; or, when planetside, racing his heavily-customised airspeeder, often for money.

Personality and traits

"The first rule of wookiees is to let the wookiee think they've won."
- Rufus Hokk, not to Zaalbar

Restless by nature, Zaalbar always had something to say, even when whatever that was had little relevance to the matter at hand. Conversation quickly passed to action, however; he was impulsive and prone to grand, symbolic gestures. His wanderlust and adherence to the ideal of freedom are also well documented.

Zaalbar was fiercely loyal to the crew of the Hidden Sun, who he considered his adoptive family.

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