30 Rock S2 E15 - A rushed ending

30 Rock has been scaring me a lot lately. It's only season two and already I'm terrified of change, first I thought Liz was going to go corporate, then I thought she might have a baby. In hindsight I probably should have realised both these changes would have been swiftly erased, but so many good sitcoms have been spoiled by bad choices. They seem to be swiftly erasing the changes in Jack's circumstances too, and returning everything to normal. Phew. Though I'm still wondering how they'll resolve the Jack stuff completely. I don't know if they've left themselves an out where he goes back to his old job. Surely he either gets stuck in something crappy or ends up as CEO? Whether he can simply return to head of Network and Microwave Oven programming I'm not sure. Nice character moments for everyone else though, the Liz, Jack dynamic was cool and Kenneth and Jenna were both great too. Also loved Pete with the bow and arrow, beautifully surreal.

Another good celebrity cameo, this time from Matthew Broderick. I love how they keep getting insanely famous people to guest - apparently Oprah may show up at some point. I think it's partly due to the greatness of the show, but I suspect Tina Fey may also have created a lot of debts in her time at SNL - it seems like that's a hugely powerful force in the TV industry. I must confess although I have enjoyed it, I've never found it hugely amusing. I think that perhaps there's some sort of trans-atlantic divide in humour surfacing. Sketch comedy seems to be pretty different over here (but then I dislike most of the current british sketch comedy shows too).

The ending of this episode jarred a little. The whole three months later thing just felt very tacked on and unnecessary, I know that it's because they were doing a Season Finale, but it still didn't work for me. I think the idea of Tracy's porn video game is funnier than seeing any part of it. I loved the whole Mozart-Salieri dynamic they played on a couple shows back, since then it hasn't really been as funny as they seem to think. Overall this was a perfectly decent episode, but lacked some of the oomph I would have hoped for from a season finale - last year ended much stronger. I wonder how much of this is down to the writers' strike and how much is just the general teething difficulty of what is still quite a newly successful show. Either way, I do love the show immensely and will be tuning in with anticipation when season 3 rolls round.