30 Rock S2 E14 - Pygmalionism

Now this is how to get me to question everything I believe in. A startling lack of continuity here. What happened to evil corporate Liz? What happened to awesome Floyd? And yet each change was one I couldn't help but approve of. My love of Liz only deepens and one of the things I love about her most is her relationship with food. The anger at the stealing of the ultimate sandwich was fantastic and I love that it took four members of the cast to go on a quest merely to replace it. I am a man who appreciates the art of a good sandwich, and now I want to get drunk with some teamsters just in case the reward is sandwiches beyond the bounds of previously experienced awesomeness.

Oh my god Tina Fey is so hot. When they did Liz up to make Floyd regretful she looked absolutely amazing, and yet it made me happy to know it was fake too - cos I'm not attracted to people who put quite so much effort in at all times. Actually that's probably not true, I might have to say I don't want to be attracted to people who put that much effort in at all times. Anyway, know I want a team of people willing to help me look awesome when I run in to my Ex. But since all my exes are amongst my best friends this would kind of be a full time job.

Anyway, Floyd was awesome back in season one. It was kinda sad to see how he went all lame American male in emotional situation stereotype. I kinda wanted him and Liz to end up together. But I still can't be too upset at what they did to him, because now it leaves the path open for me to move to New York, become a fictional character and go out with Liz. There's a slight chance this plan is unfeasible, I hear green cards are tough to get hold of. Sigh. Is it still a Pygmalion complex when you didn't invent the character yourself?

The other characters were back on form too, the drinking contest with Frank, Ken, Tracy and Jenna was great. These guys are all best in small doses I think and they were delivered in the right amount in this episode. The Jack stuff was good too, the emotion in his loss of status being wonderfully believable. But I think my favourite non-Liz moment was definitely Jonathan. The collage he made was good, but the song he sang to Jack was even better.