Battlestar Galactica S1 E8 – The pressure of expectation

This was another episode with great writing and direction, however I did feel a little that the acting let it down somewhat. I know some people who hate any show that features flashbacks on principle now after having to deal with Lost. I think they can be very good, but I didn’t feel they added that much here. This episode was I guess the first sign that BSG won’t always be perfect. I liked the storyline but I didn’t feel that Katee Sackhoff’s performance was quite up to par. I think Starbuck is a fantastic character and it’s well written. The parts where she was dealing with the pilot cadets seemed to work, but something about the stuff that happened with Adama and Apollo just didn’t quite scan right for me.

I think it’s symptomatic of a problem in the acting profession in general to do with gender imbalance. Most good male actors have presence, it’s not an easy quality to define, and I’m not sure I should try. Female actors (or actresses if you prefer – I don’t see a problem in using these terms interchangeably) sadly tend to get cast for looks, and often don’t have the same presence. Neither of these things is quite related to the basic skills of being a good actor. There are several wildly successful actors out there who can’t get the basics down of emoting well, and being believable in a role. The whole presence issue is more about a good actor becoming a great actor. I don’t think anything was wrong with Katee Sackhoff’s performance really, but somehow it was lacking something. She’s much better at the ‘devil may care’ stuff than the deeper things. Maybe I’m reading too much into one episode and maybe things will improve. I’m just finding myself hoping that she hasn’t just been cast on her looks. I think I’m nitpicking, she’s been great so far, and I don’t think it’s going to spoil my enjoyment.

I’m not sure what a two parter was doing at this point in the season though. I love continuity, and as long as I have prompt access to the next instalment I love two parters. It just seemed kind of unnecessary here. I want two parters to consist of two parts because they’re big important events. I want them to feature stories that need longer to be told. I haven’t seen the second half yet, so maybe I’m worrying needlessly. In fact I should go watch it now. I’ll post about it later.