Battlestar Galctica S1 E7 - Recognition of the past

I think I have run out of superlatives to describe BSG, this was another one that I enjoyed immensely. Richard Hatch, the guy who was playing Zarek (the prison leader), was Apollo in the original series (and got a golden globe for his troubles), which is pretty cool. I think it’s great when a show can pay tribute to its roots in small ways without the need to make a song and dance about it. Star Trek was always a little too overt with its self referential tributes. It lead to some great moments, Trials and Tribbleations was funny, but I don’t think it needed a whole episode. Just giving a reason for someone from the original to come back in a great role is great. And there’s no need to break continuity in some way to do it.

The current Apollo is still appealing to my better nature. He’s an idealist awash in a world of tough decisions and moral ambiguity, a classic hero. And he seems to be coming to terms with all this rapidly, which is also cool. I think there are four seasons of BSG, and it’ll be interesting to see how they keep this up for the full four seasons, and maintain continuity and believability. It’ll also be really disappointing if they don’t take on the consequences of their own storylines and stuff though. I’m assuming they will. I’ve done a pretty god job of not spoilering myself considering this is series which has been around a while. I have been told that different people end up in charge over the course of the series, so I’m assuming there is some follow up to this episode. I also suspect that the kind of people I was watching with would also have been annoyed if the series betrayed such a blatant disregard for continuity.

The final thing to say is the direction of this episode was awesome. It was no surprise to me as I am enough of a geek to recognise the name Allan Kroeker. As you can see from his list of credits he has quite the history of directing Sci-Fi TV (I’m surprised he hasn’t done more BSG actually). And not just that, but he has also directed some of my favourite episodes of at least DS9 and a bunch of the other shows I’ve seen from him.