Lasarton of the Spires

Daughter of the Shogun of Spires, God of Tactical Reinforcement.

Lasarton was born and raised in Yu Shan, and has spent most of her adult life participating in war games held in the expansive courts of the Crimson Panoply of Victory. She considers herself a paragon of devotion to her divine parent, relentlessly seeking new tactics and technology to glorify his name. Little does she realise she performs these tasks as much for her own aggrandisement as for her father's.

Feeling a lack of self-knowledge and humility to be a fatal flaw in a tactician, the Shogun of Spires sent his daughter from Yu Shan to wander the more dangerous vistas of Creation. Whether she will lose her sense of arrogance and entitlement remains to be seen...


Str 2
Dex 2
Sta 3

Cha 1
Man 2
App 3

Per 3
Int 4
Wit 3


xCraft 4 (Earth) (+2 Fortification) (2bp)
xCraft 3 (Fire)
xCraft 3 (Air)
xCraft 4 (Magi-Earth) (+2 Essence Fields) (2bp)
xCraft 3 (Magi-Fire) (1bp)
xCraft 3 (Magi-Air) (3bp)
xWar 3 (+2 Fortification) (1bp)
Archery 1
Lore 2
Melee 1
Occult 2
Survival 1


Compassion 2
Conviction 3
Temperance 2
Valour 2


Essence 3 (Pool: 38 Attuned: 8)
Willpower 7 (4bp)


Inheritance 3
Patron 2
Artifact 1 (Perfected Chronometer) (Attune 1; tell perfect time, set any number of stopwatches/timers etc., also has audio recording capability, 40 hours of storage)
Artifact 3 (Empowerment Harness) (Attune 5; increase Essence respiration by 2m/hour during exertion, 4m/hour during light exertion, 6m/hour during rest; increases effective Essence by 1 for purposes of divine charms)
Artifact 2 (Plasma Tongue Repeater)
Artifact 1 (Jade Breastplate) (1bp)


Craft Excellency (7bp)
Calculated Order of Immediate Action (7bp)
Amethyst Awareness (7bp)
Portal (7bp)


Attribute Re-allocation (1pt) Str->Int (1bp)
Elemental Puissance (Earth) (2pt) (2bp)
Healing Factor (2pt) (2bp)

Too Perfect (1pt)
Behavioural Archetype (2pt) (acts like a god, i.e. thinks herself practically immortal and worthy of worship, disinterested in others)
Unnatural Being (2pt)

Merits & Flaws

Moderate Oath (3pt): Pray to divine Patron 3/times a day, (dawn, noon, dusk - marked on chronometer)


Staff: Spd 6; Acc 5; Dmg 9B; Rate 2; Tags 2,R
PTR: Spd 5; Acc 5; Dmg 10L; Rate 1; Range 20; Ammo 5; Tags F

PDV: 3 (Staff or Barehand)
DDV: 3


Soak: 7L/7B, Hardness 2, (9L/9B with Elemental Puissance)

47/47 bp spent