Stargate Universe - Sci-fantastic

So after the negativity of my last post I wanted to add something a bit more positive. We're 4 episodes into the launch of the third Stargate franchise, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. The whole series is like Voyager coming down of a bad trip, and I think getting Robert Carlysle to appear was a real coup.

I've enjoyed Stargate since the start, I was in love with Daniel Jackson from day one, but Robert Carlysle seems to bring something new. His performance so far has been fantastic. He's fantastically believable and he's really hard to read, meaning there's some very enjoyable ambiguity. Is he crazy? Is he evil? Is he a hero? The series will hang on him and he's more than up to the challenge.

There's other things to like here, I think any young geek would love the idea of being so good at a computer game that you get recruited for a real life space mission, and Eli is a great character. He's the way in, and very easy to empathise with. The supporting cast also look good with the various military personnel, as well as the senator's daughter and the IOA rep looking like they have potential.

If the series manages to keep up the dramatic tension, they'll need to fit the series within the Stargate mythos, which currently seems like it might be difficult. But I reckon they'll find a way. Recurring bad guys may be hard to find, but I imagine they'll have enough ship problems to last for ages. The other challenge will be keeping the series different enough from the other Stargate shows to keep it fresh and interesting. Atlantis, whislt good, never felt like it distanced itself from SG1 very well. Star Treak never really managed to make the shows feel significantly different (except for DS9 - another reason it's the best one), so it'll be interesting to see if SGU pulls it off.