90210 - oh why?

Dear god, why do I still watch this show? Every single character annoys me. They're all so hateful. And the storylines are so blatantly emotionally manipulative, contrived and over the top. The only sympathetic character may be Navid, son of a porn baron. And he's whiny and doesn't get enough screen time anyway.

We're 5 episodes into season 2. Current plot lines; Navid, Ade, Teddy love triangle, Silver's mother has cancer, Annie and her two awful boyfriend prospects, Dixon and his older girlfriend, Naomi and her awful Sister and the principal's mid-life crisis. If someone can think of a single reason to care about any of these things, please enlighten me.

I don't see myself giving up on it quite yet. I couldn't even tell you why. I have a problem, and they say the first step is admitting it. I just needed to vent basically, there's no more to say that I haven't said already. If it annoys me more I'll probably post again.