How I Met Your Mother - Better than advertised

So along with almost everyone else I know, I've been in love with Alyson Hannigan for some time. I knew she'd gone on to HIMYM after Buffy and I'd heard it was ok, but never bothered to watch it. But E4 recently started showing it at half seven on weeknights and I caught a few episodes and enjoyed it.

Originally this was going to be a post about how it was not amazing, but it was pretty good but not amazing. How the characters were cool and it was occasionally amusing but laugh out loud moments were rare. But then on impulse I bought the season 1 DVD yesterday. Myself an Oneiros have already watched two thirds of the season, and we're really enjyoing it.

The writing is pretty sharp and there are enough laugh out loud moments to keep it a lot of fun. But the character relationships are what makes the show really watchable. The characters are all flawed (Barney especially) but they remain mostly sympathetic, but the interaction between the five of them is fantastic. Lily and Marshall are wonderful together. The world they inhabit is pleasant too, because each episode is a story Ted is telling to his children it seems realistic that they have happy endings and generally moral points as well.

Again, originally I was going to say HIMYM isn't up to the standards of say Frasier, Friends or Scrubs and that I enjoyed it about as much as My Name is Earl. But I've started to think that it can be compared favourably to Friends. Perhaps it is not as good as Friends was at its very best, but Friends wasn't at its peak for all that long, but I've certainly been enjoying it immensely and would say it's worth watching if you like that type of sitcom.