Dollhouse - Whedon ftw!

Can't remember what I last said about Dollhouse and checking seems like a lot of effort right now. But season 2 has recently started so this is probably as good a time to talk about it as any other.

Obviously I have been a massive Joss Whedon fan for a long time. (Before I even knew it in fact; before my days as a Buffy fanatic I counted Toy Story as one of my favourite films.) So perhaps I am predisposed to like what he does, as the only person I know who hates neither Riley nor Dawn that seems to be a high risk scenario. But Dollhouse is simply fantastic.

It started slow, and a lot of people seemed to dislike this. I guess I had faith that it would get better, and I would say I cared about the characters enough, which apparently was not the case for others. However, about half way through season 1 the show really kicked into gear and started to become as awesome as it was always destined to be.

If you haven't seen the unaired 13th episode you need to. It is a truly fantastic piece of television. It made me crave another Whedon sci-fi show, I just love what he does with the future. Whedon has a way with language that is lacking in almost all other TV, i love the way his characters talk, it's just fun to listen to in a way a lot of TV isn't. Sorkin does good things with words too, but not in the same way as Whedon. He clearly understands language as an evolving phenomenon and it's the peppered slang and dialects which really make his futures come alive more than others.

The first ep of season 2 was great, i am loving what they're doing with Amy Acker's character especially and I was impressed that even with minimal screen time for many of them they managed to develop every single character at least a little. Topher continues to be awesome and Adelle is becoming steadily more sympathetic. I was a bit disappointed that they decided to reverse the facial scarring to Victor, but clearly it makes sense for the show - retiring the character would be highly detrimental to some of the storylines. It was great to see Jamie Bamber and Alexis Denisof both guest starring as well, and I'm looking forward to more cameos from other Whedonites, but given Epitaph One, you can't help but suspect this season will be awesome.


*Wants to marry it*

The Epitaph was crazy awesome. Kind of puts a darker edge to the rest of this season. I cant believe he slow played it quite so much though - risky. Also I thought the last (aired) episode was a bit of an anti climax; the build up was so good and then the 'lets be crazy gods in a weirdass basement' thing was a bit silly.


I dunno - I thought it worked, but yes you are correct that Epitaph One put a way different (more awesome and darker) spin on the whole thing.

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