Gossip Girl v 90210 - Brain Candy

So this is a debate I've had with a bunch of my friends but for the risk of boring people I've never gone into too much detail. The original purpose of this blog was for me to vent my thoughts without annoying any of them, here goes.

Now on many levels these two shows are pretty similar, and you actually have to dig pretty deep to uncover the differences, but they are there. They're both shows about rich kids and the meaningless drama of their lives. They both have an outsider brother/sister paring (annie and dixon in 90210 Dan and Jenny in GG), they both have relationships that bounce in and out of existence, seemingly neverending incest and people being mean and screwing each other over.

On the superficial level I have to say I am way more attracted to the cast of GG than 90210 (both male and female - with a couple of exceptions chuck from GG is creepy and silver from 90210 is hot, but it's all immaterial since Blake Lively may be too pretty to be allowed) and I also prefer the stroylines in GG. Like I said, there are a lot of similarities, but the 90210 storylines feel more soaplike to me. They've done birth parents, teen pregnancy, drugs, psycholgical disorders, virginity. Maybe I'm biased but these all felt pretty tired and familiar to me. They all seem to be 'issue' stuff. They hit some of this straight away, like they were already short on storyline ideas.

Gossip Girl on the other hand seems to be almost entirely about relationships, without the issue stuff. They've also done quite a bit more parent-child relationship stuff and parent-parent stuff. Both shows have done student-teacher things but 90210 chickened out on it big time. They look a lot at the social warzone that is trying to be a cool kid in (high) school though, which 90210 kinda skated over when it had the chance to explore that.

Now all this wouldn't matter to much. I'm as much of a fan of stupid overplayed storylines as much as the next person who hates hollyoaks. And it's not like the writing on either show is that great. But my second point is really what makes all the difference to me. Gossip Girl is populated with nice people. Sure, they all fuck up, they do bad things, they spend a lot of the time pretending to be mean, but in the crunch they tend to be nice to each other and do the right thing. You feel like when they screw each other over it's a temporary aberration. For 90210 I feel the exact opposite. Though it's not true of all the characters, they seem to try and be nice to each other most of the time, but you feel like it's a tremendous effort for them and every so often they slip up and are horribly mean to each other. And the same level of regret never really gets seen. It seems like that's just how they are and anything else is a struggle.

Maybe you disagree, I'm not sure I could convince someone of this totally, but this is how it has always come across to me. I'm an addict so I'll be watching both regardless, even if I enjoy Gossip Girl a lot more. Especially now Michelle Trachtenberg has been added to the regular cast. My advice would be if you enjoy one of them, it's worth checking the other out - see if you prefer it. If you hate one, you're unlikely to enjoy the other.

Until next time. XOXO

(also was XOXO a thing pre-gossip girl? i must assume so, but this whole using Os as hugs thing is strange and confusing to me.)