Age: 31
Race: Male bladeling
Classes: Fighter / Occult Slayer / Fated Warrior
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Faction: Free League
Faith: Istus
Origin: Acheron / Thuldanin / Deathrisk

Eventful and short is the usual life history of a mercenary on the planes, doubly so for those who have nothing left to lose. There is no shortage of conflicts with which to toy with death. And so it would have been with Kreldorr, driven out of Zoronor with his "heretical" mother (a priestess of Wee Jas) and brought up amongst the rough cutters that make up the outcast town of Deathrisk. Whilst honing the edges of his spikes and blades in the many training schools, he at least learnt to temper the usual bladeling xenophobia.

Specialising in the bastard sword, Kreldorr signed onto the first company to get him out of Acheron at the earliest opportunity. His travels around the planes have shown him wonders that his race rarely get to view, a multitude of battlefields and horrors as well as companions by the score, however briefly in some cases. Not long after leaving Deathrisk, he was hired as bodyguard in the entourage of a diplomatic envoy to Ribcage which is where he met the charismatic cansin Adelai Skain, who recognised his talents – especially when it came to leaving Ribcage in a hurry after “negotiations” broke down! It was Adelai who introduced him to Orondil and, almost surprisingly, he in turn has been very useful in recruiting others of value, notably Derenn'ai, Kareema and Astran, as if he has a knack for sensing when others are in need of a feeling of belonging.

Personality traits: Ardent, Considerate, Dour, Intuitive, Stoic

Magic Items

* Head : Helm of Fortune
* Face : Empty
* Neck : Choker of life protection
* Shoulder : Cloak of resistance +3
* Chest : Shirt of wraith-stalking
* Upper arm : Armband of Istus
* Lower arm : Empty
* Hand : Gauntlets of Ghost-Fighting
* Torso : Shirt of wraith-stalking
* Body : +3 Mithral Breastplate of Retaliation
* Waist : Belt of Mighty Prowess
* Feet : Boots of Graceful Flight
* Ring : Ring of Protection +2
* Ring : Ring of the Four Winds
* Weapon : Planestrike, +2 metalline aligned bastard sword
* Shield: +2 animated heavy steel shield