Age: 27
Race: Male changeling
Classes: Rogue / Fighter / Invisible Blade / Spymaster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: Free League
Faith: Irreverent/Lyris
Origin: Adran

An almost compulsive adventure seeker, working for profit and glory, it doesn’t take much to get Mandrake to tell tales of his history. From snatching jewels deep in ancient tombs to playing tricks on hard-heads in Sigil or duelling demons in the Abyss, even a casual audience would have to be impressed. The more persistent listener might begin to suspect an overactive ego at work.
Mandrake hails from the prime material world of Adran, though he does not talk much about it, preferring to speak of his adventures across the planes.
Mandrake possesses a wide range of skills that Orondil finds useful, combining the quick fingers of a trained criminal with a silver tongue and deadly skill with a blade. Of course, his unique selling point is his changeling heritage, something that he revealed to the party on their first meeting but otherwise keeps secret.

Personality traits: Friendly, egotistical, thrill-seeker, driven, loyal.

Magic Items

* Head : Circlet of the Silver Tongue
* Face : Goggles of Perspicacity
* Neck : Pendant of Providential Puissance
* Shoulder : Mantle of the Predator
* Chest : Empty
* Upper arm : Greater Armbands of Prestidigitation
* Lower arm : Bracers of the Panther
* Hand : Empty
* Torso : Vestment of Many Styles
* Body : Empty
* Waist : Empty
* Feet : Winged Boots
* Ring : Ring of Lockpicking
* Ring : Ring of the Traveller
* Weapon : Spite, +2 dagger of deadly precision
* Weapon: Mercy, +1 dagger of defence
* Weapon: Animated heavy mithral shield +2