IC Introductions

It seemed like a good idea to start a thread to introduce some new characters, and then I thought, why not the old ones as well. Not everyone is familiar with everyone else's characters so this thread is for you to introduce yourself IC, tell the group a little about yourself, and how you ended up in this room full of meglomaniacs.


For the Lunars:

Ma'ani is 5"7 and has the facial features of someone from the nomadic tribes of the far South. Her skin is a bit lighter, however, because of a paler grandparent: a slave who 'liberated' herself from a guild caravan. Slavery is one of her pet dislikes. She even gets uncomfortable around people keeping pets (not farming or as familiars) since it seems to be seeking to destroy the animal's nature in a way the Exalted risk ruining the human's. She's not valour 6 though, so she's unlikely to murdering slavers any time soon.

She likes wordy academic conversations with Wandered Lamb but she really likes travelling with Phan and Herla, believing their differing skill-sets have more to teach each other about living in the world than if she secluded herself with a bunch of No Moons. She exalted knowing sorcery and has, so far, never picked up a sorcery book. She has put this study on hold a bit to travel with her pack.

Maáni refuses to subscribe to any philosophy or world view, just as she rejects parts of all the schools of sorcery. She believes that somewhere in the centre of each argument probably lies to truth, but by taking a side a party blinds themselves to possibilities. She tries to live in the present and react with common sense. She also tries to respect all beings in creation for what they are and she does not seek to change or lead them, although occasionally she will reluctantly accept an argument (risky as it is) for destroying something for the sake of something else.

For the Solars:

Ma'ani is 6"3 and about as wide as he is tall. He is an enormous man - apparently from the very far South - with a scar running down one side of his face. He laughs this off as being from a Yeddim's death throws, but seeing him bunch his enormous muscles it is difficult to believe him. He is bald with a wide smile; he smells a bit like a yeddim. He appears conflicted, wanting to hang back and watch, but also driven to ask questions he worries his friends might not remember to put. When Azir (if Azir) talks to Phan he tends to 'accidentally' loiter past breaking wood for the fire with his bare hands or some such thing.

Maáni looks annoyed with himself whenever he breaks into annimated questioning, obviously intending to be far more guarded. He is obviously more worried for his friends than himself.


Thanks! I eagerly await similar stuff for other characters. :-)


Raiden is of average height and build, with lightly tanned skin and spiked dark hair. He typically wears loosely fitting clothes in reds or purples, and often coloured lenses.

On first encounter, Raiden often seems quiet, withdrawn even. He tends to speak only when necessary. He has opened up to a number of the companions (though on reflection most of them are now dead).

Something that becomes apparent once you have known Raiden for a while is that he considers the presence of danger to be an open challenge. At several times during the campaign so far he has behaved as though in limit break (foolhardy contempt) despite the fact he has never reached that point, and indeed it is a matter of speculation whether anyone will ever be able to tell when he finally does reach his limit.

Raiden was recruited to the Solars group through an organisation Azir belongs to called whose name I have completely forgotten (Shadowstars?), to provide anti-espionage services to the fledgling kingdom of Tredemin. Since that point he has tended to go for more espionage than anti-espionage. His skillset favours stealth and agility.

I leave it to those reading the thread to work out how much of the above they would know about Raiden.

Dr Azir Lerayn

The good doctor is a typical middle-class citizen of Nexus, hard-working of manner and nondescript of appearance. And yet there is a gently simmering force of personality below that distinctly plain appearance.

A man of firm beliefs, he often comes across as harried yet determined, analytical yet personable. Despite not being quite the honest and upstanding businessman-apothecary he appeared, he is staunchly loyal to his comrades and, if convinced of their goals, will work tirelessly towards them. His newfound faith in the Unconquered Sun, reinforced through the recent death of his comrade Fox, is an example of this and he now feels somewhat responsible for the fledgling cult set up and sent them to safety in Tredamin.

Exaltation did come as something of a surprise to him and even now, he is still adjusting to all the upheaval in his life. Recent events are threatening to overwhelm him and his grip on an even keel is somewhat shaky. He wonders if the same coldness of heart he experienced during the Battle of Maluka is likely to beset him again soon...

Tellariana (Phan)

Tellariana is an exotic beauty with long dark untamed hair and a creamy-white complexion. She stands 5"10 with slender, perfect legs. Her luxurious hair is by no means orderly - it crashes like a waterfall over the top of her slender shoulders. Yet it appears strangely serene despite the chaos: nature's fury, frozen in time and hypnotised by unfading beauty. In stark contrast to her dark hair is her skin. Clear, flawless and when in the soft glow of Luna or admired by Sol in the midday heat, shimmers with an otherworldy glow. The two balance each other - one unbridled chaos, the other symmetrical purity.

Despite her fair complexion, she does not hide herself from the Sun. Neither does she burn red or tan, remaining instead a perfect white. She generally prefers being outside in the open than inside, delighting in the natural beauty of Creation and (seemingly) conversing with animals. She is amicable and gregarious, seeking to make friends rather than enemies. That can hardly be helped, given her striking nature. When less conspicuity is advised she dons alternative forms in traditional Lunar style. Her talents lie in talking to people and observing how they behave and interact.

She finds mortals intriguing, full of potential but so often unrealised. In many respects she believes that Lunars are like gardeners - absolutely essential to create the perfect landscape where every flower has space to bloom, and very very occasionally pruning a weed or diseased leaf. The Lawgivers fit her metaphor perfectly: too much sun and the garden becomes barren and arid; too little and the garden never has a chance to grow. She is looking forward to working more closely with Solars, in particular her mate, Dr Azir Lerayn. She hasn't revealed this fact to anyone, unsure for what purpose she is bonded to him and how he will react when he finds out.

Whilst genuinely interested in more cerebral affairs, she often finds such subjects beyond her understanding. She includes sorcery in this. She is far more interested in seeing how animated and enthused individuals become when they, and recognises a rare gift in them. One that she encourages and nutures, even if she doesn't understand a word of it. She gracefully conceals her lack of intellectualism by asking clever, but ambiguous, questions, or changing the subject if required.


Herla appears to everyone among the player characters in her true form: a pale, slender, wirily muscled woman of six feet with long nut brown hair. Her narrow, widely-spaced eyes and slightly snub nose give a feline impression, backed up by her graceful, silent movements. She wears an undecorated moonsilver breastplate over sturdy travelling gear in muted colours.

She is plain speaking with simple views about her place and thus the place of all the Exalted in Creation: to defend it from outside threats. The stewarding of within, she reckons, should only be begun when the border is protected. Arguments of more bright and erudite Lunars that a strong centre may lead to a stronger border have so far done little to change her opinion.

Mostly she is good-humoured and easy to get along with, though she is not greatly sensitive to the feelings of others and is fiercely intolerant of any perceived slight on herself, any cowardice in her companions and of Dragon-Blooded seemingly on principle.