He Who Brings the Night, The Architect of Oblivion

He Who Brings the Night is a Daybreak Caste created for JD's Penitence trilogy

The Architect

Daybreak Caste servant of The First and Forsaken Lion


Motivation: To stop the noise
Intimacies: The First and Forsaken Lion; Oblivion; Necrotech; Abyssals


Strength 1 Charisma 1 Perception 4 (4XP)
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 4
Stamina 1 Appearance 0 Wits 2


Archery 5 (siege weapons +1) (1.5bp) Integrity 3 (6xp) Craft (fire) 5 (necrotech +2) (2bp)
Martial Arts   Performance Investigation 0
Melee Presence 2 (2xp) Lore 3 (6xp)
Thrown   Resistance 5 (1bp) Medicine 4 (necrotech +3 ) (1.5bp)
War 4 (siege weapons +2 (1bp) Survival Occult 4
Athletics 2(2XP) Bureaucracy Compassion 4
Awareness 3 (1bp) (6xp) Linguistics 3 (4xp) Conviction 2 (3xp)
Dodge 3 (6xp) Ride Temperance 5 (3bp)
Larceny Sail 3 (4xp) Valour 2 (3xp)
Stealth Socialise 1 Willpower 9


Rivertongue(Native), Old Realm; Flametongue; High Realm


Permanent 4 (24xp)
Personal 21
Peripheral 50
Committed 5


Liege First and Forsaken Lion 5 (2bp)
Artifact labyrinth necromancy-capturing cord 4 (4bp)
Artifact Fire Lance 3 (3bp)
Artifact Soulsteel Bracers 2 (2bp)
Underworld Manse Gem of the Eternal Worker 5 (4bp)
Jewel of the Master's Forge
Memorial Iron;
Memory Stone
Necromancy 5 (4bp)


1st Archery Excellency
Ravening Mouth of Archery
Pulse of the Prey
Piercing Ghost Barb
Flawless Archery Discipline
Withering Feathered Maelstrom
Void-Born Artillerist (8xp)

2nd War Excellency
Glorious Carnage Typhoon

2nd Integrity Excellency

2nd Resistance Excellency
Injury Absorbing Discipline
Spirit Hardened Frame
Wounds Mean Nothing
Restless as the Dead (2xp)

2nd Craft Excellency
Fault Finding Scrutiny
Frenzied Forge Within
Eternal Embalming Preparation
Built-from-Nightmares (8xp)

2nd Occult Excellency

Labyrinth Circle Necromancy
Onyx Circle Necromancy (8xp)
Dusk Eyes
Shattering Void Mirror
Blood Mirror Speech
Walking War Machine
Shadow Stones Travel
Spurring the Beast of War
Exquisite Undead Aide
Shield of Shattering Bones (8xp)

2nd Medicine Excellency
Charnel Chirurgeon Deftness

2nd Lore Excellency

Scathing Cynic Attitude

Deck Striding Phantom


Necrotech Designs

Death knows no compromise

Concept – necrotic armour
Description – This armour is worn by The Architect in battle to protect him and enhance his physical capabilities.
Coil Rank – 7

Str 6 (5)
Dex 1
Sta 11 (10)
Hollow (4)
Funereal Armour*11 (11)
Heavy Plates (1)
Dark Fortitude*4 (4)

Athletics 7
Awareness 7
Dodge 7
Melee 7

Useful Stats:
Soak 11L/22B
Hardness: 11L/11B
Mobility Penalty -1
Dodge DV whilst wearing: 9
Effective Str+Ath: 11
Health levels of armour: -0*1/-1*9/-2/-4/incap [I imagine these stack with mobility penalty and apply to any pools that I use the armour’s abilities and attributes for]

Peace from heaven

Concept – guided missile
Description: These bat-like contraptions are fitted with a supply of firedust. They then fly at enemy towns and armies, detonating upon impact and sowing chaos.
Coil Rank – 6

Str 1
Dex 6 (10)
Sta 1

Very Small (4)
Flies (8)
Burning Body (5)
Unholy Accuracy*3 (3)

Athletics 5
Dodge 6
Martial Arts 6
Survival 3

Useful Stats:
Attack: Speed 7; Accuracy 15; Damage/Rate special – based on accurate firedust grenade
Dodge DV: 8
+2 difficulty to notice approaching

Thorn Thrower

Concept – Automated Turret
Description – These abominations are little more than a predator’s brain affixed to a pair of eyes and a powerful arm. They thrown bone-thorns, harvested from the labyrinth, and they do very little else.
Coil Rank - 6

Str 5 (4)
Dex 5 (8)
Sta 1

Distant Destruction (2)
Range*2 (2)
Ultra Range (5)
Speed*2 (4)
Lethal (1)
Piercing (3)
Damage *5 (5)
Accuracy*5 (5)
Extra Ammo*2 (2)
Rate (1)

Athletics 6
Awareness 6
Dodge 6
Thrown 6

Useful Stats:
Thorn Attack Spd 5 Acc 15 Damage 16L piercing Rate 2 Range 300
Dodge DV 6

Manually Operated Thorn Thrower

Concept – Rifle
Description – Although thorn throwers are adept at dealing death, they have trouble picking out the right target in a battle. Manually operated thorn throwers are usually wielded by intelligent undead who take responsibility for a squad of regular thorn throwers in mass combat.
Coil Rank – 7

As above with the following additions:
Usable Weapon (4)
Dark Fortitude (1)

Useful Stats:
Thorn Attack: spd 5; acc +4; damage +11L piercing; rate 2; range 300


Concept: Tank
Description: These as-yet untested devices are designed to protect Thorn Throwers from counter-attacks. They do this through heavy shielding and wall of spear-carrying arms to prevent hostile boarding. One Panzer-Born can carry up to a magnitude 1 unit of thorn throwers, and still have room for a driver and a manually operated thorn thrower. They provide 90& hard cover.
Coil Rank - 7

Str 3
Dex 1
Sta 9 (6)
Dark fortitude*5 (5)
Funereal Armour*9 (9)
Heavy Plates (1)
Big*2 (4)
Transport*2 (4)
Extra Legs *4 (4)
Climbing Articulation (2)

Athletics 7

Dodge 7
Martial Arts 7
Resistance 7

Soak 9L/18B
Hardness: 9L/9B
Health Levels: -0/-1*8/-2*13/-4/incap
Move: 4 yards

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