Malice - Moonshadow Bureaucrat from Hell

Moonshadow Caste
1. Nature
Motivation: To subvert as many people in the southern state as possible.
Intimacies: Hatred of the Realm, Hatred of Dragon Bloods, Hatred of Solars, Hatred of benign governments
2. Attributes
Strength 2 Charisma 1 Perception 4
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 5 Wits 4
3. Abilities
Archery Integrity 3 Craft
Martial Arts 5 (1bp) Performance Lore 1
Melee Presence 3 Investigation 4
Thrown Resistance 3 Occult
War Survival Medicine

Awareness 3 (1XP) Bureaucracy 5 (1bp) Compassion 1
Athletics 1 Linguistics 4 Conviction 3
Dodge 4 () Ride Temperance 4
Larceny 5 () Sail Valour 2
Stealth Socialise 5 (1) Willpower 7
4. Languages
River Speak (Native), Old Realm, Flame Tongue,
5. Essence
Permanent 4 (24XP)
Personal 20
Peripheral 47
Committed 22
6. Backgrounds
Liege The First and Forsaken Lion 2
Artifact Serpent Sting Staff 3 (3xp)
Spies 3

7. Charms
1st Martial Arts Excellency
Ravening Mouth of Martial Arts (8XP)
Striking Cobra Technique
Serpentine Evasion
Snake Form
Essence Fands and Scales Technique
Snake Strikes the Heel
1st Socialise Excellency
Exquisit Ettiquette Style
Imprecation of Ill Manners
Bittersweetness of Betrayal
Cancerous Dissent Technique
Flitting Shadow Form
Flickering Wisp Technique
1st Larcency Excellency
Solar Impersonation Style
Face Drinking Bite
False Heart Mien
1st Linguistics Excellency
Screaming in Silence
Blood Calligraphy Technique
Insideous Undertone Technique
Soul Snaring Tract
Raitons Nimble Perch
1st Bureaucracy Excellency
Cunning Subversion Style
Caustic Hatred Diatribe
Reime Toppling Lord of Misrule
Eloquent Example Inspiration
2nd Investigation Excellency
Ox Body Technique (two -1 HL)