Herla Anthurung

Herla is a Full Moon Lunar from BSR's campaign 'Golden Opportunity'. She lives to protect those who cannot protect themselves, help the helpless, and steal skyships from the Realm, who she hates.

Name: Herla Anthurung (yet to think of decent deed name)
Caste: Full Moon
Motivation: To protect those who cannot protect themselves
Intimacies: Our nascent society, avenging Valion/killing Hadron, her people, helping the Solars, fighting Chimera

Str 5; Cha 3; Per 4
Dex 5 (+3 Dodge); Man 2; Int 2
Sta 5; App 3; Wit 5

Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Dodge 5, Integrity 1, Linguistics 1, MA 5 (+3 Unarmed), Presence 2, Resistance 3, Stealth 3, Survival 3

Backgrounds: Artifact 3 (Moonsilver Re-inforced Breastplate), Artifact 2 (Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers), Manse 2 (Monkey Stone)

Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 2, Temperance 2, Valour 5
Virtue Flaw: Lone Wolf

Essence 3 (Personal: 19, Peripheral: 48 [committed 8])
Willpower 8

Charms and Knacks:


Form Acquisition Knacks: Humble Mouse Shape, Prey's Skin Disguise
Shapeshifting Refinement: Changing Plumage Mastery
War Form: Deadly Beastman Transformation (Mutations: Thick Skin, Gazelle's Pace, Tail, Claws/Teeth, Enhanced Sense [Sight]; also, the form is only slightly larger than human)


General: 1st Strength, 1st Dexterity, 2nd Stamina, 2nd Perception, 1st Wits, Flawless Dexterity Focus
Damage Enhancement: Claws of the Silver Moon, Impressions of Strength, Burrowing Devil Strike
Balance and Grace: Graceful Crane Stance
Defensive: Golden Tiger Stance, Wary Swallow Method, Wind Dancing Method, Flowing Body Evasion
Endurance: Ox-Body Technique
Healing: Bruise-Relief Method, Halting the Scarlet Flow
Movement: Instinct Driven Beast Movement
Fury: Relentless Lunar Fury, Durable Battle Mind
Disguise: Hide of the Cunning Hunter
Speed and Extra Action: Wasp Sting Blur, Many-Armed Monkey Style
Lunar Hero: Foot Trapping Counter, Rabid Beast Attitude, Thousand Claw Infliction, Lunar Hero Form, Snake Body Evasion

In the next bit, all the numbers after slashes are for DBT

Normal Attack:

Spd 5 Acc 14/15 Dmg +5B/6L PDV 8 Rate 3 Tags N

Claws of Silver Moon:
Spd 5 Acc 19/21 Dmg +10/12L PDV 8 Rate 3 Tags N

DDV: 10

Soak: 14L|14B / 17L|17B
Hardness: 8

Health: 0+, -1++, -2++++++, -4+, Incap+, Dying +++++++

Animal forms: Cat, Eagle (Generic), Hawk (Generic) Moose, Mouse, Pike, Pygmy Groundhog, Raptorcat, River Dragon (Juvenile), Snow Leopard (true) Squirrelfish, Strix, Swallow

Human forms: none

BP: 3 on Strength, 3 on Stamina, 1 on Dex Specialties, 1 on MA, 4 on Dodge, 3 on Valour
XP: 3 on Compassion, 11 on Humble Mouse Shape, 11 on Prey's Skin Disguise, 10 on Lunar Hero Form, 10 on Snake Body Evasion, 10 on Flowing Body Evasion, 10 on Bruise-Relief Method, 10 on Halting the Scarlet Flow, 6 on MA Specialties (81 spent, 8 remaining)