An Opportunity For Some Integration of Disenfranchised Gods

Pyramid Marketing

A Proposal

Have you ever finished a hurricane planning committee session, a day writing orders to earthquake frogs, or even a week in creation sifting through the wreckage and wondered how much more your department could achieve if you only had the god-power?

Have you finally received that longed-for promotion and then realized how many more duties you must complete with little more essence at your disposal?

Have you ever gazed upon the ancient murals or, indeed, the sky fleet and considered how the Bureau once managed to achieve so much?

Well we are not in the First Age (and in many ways thank goodness), but we still have all our work to do, death lords straining to crawl out over the earth whenever a truly artistic tsunami is contrived, the Wyld twisting even our most lovely tempests and we could employ people to patch things up but there’s not enough ambrosia to go round!

How can the Bureau spend the time necessary to build up the order and worship necessary to increase ambrosia when their resources are already stretched performing their jobs? It is a vicious circle: without enough ambrosia cuts must be made and then underperformance means less ambrosia again the following decade.

So what is the answer? Bring back the First Age? At Pyramid Marketing we cannot offer that, but we can offer you a highly-trained workforce of professional staff – employable on a temporary basis to suite your needs. How will this solve your ambrosial troubles? This workforce will work for free, yes free!

So how can we afford to do this, how can our skilled team of experienced gods work for free? All that they receive is an agreed percentage* of any increase in worship in the relevant area for a period of time following their work. If they are unsuccessful, if quintessence and ambrosia production is not up, then you pay us nothing. If they are successful, then you gain the remaining percentage of a profit you would not otherwise have received.**

An Illustrative Example

An Emergency Measures Action Team is hired by the Bureau to attend the aftermath of an earthquake in the south east. A small town has been destroyed, but unexpected factors have lead to a far higher death toll than planned for. Concerned about the area’s potential as a shadow land (researchers have found that the area was a sight of a number of high-casualty battles) our team set to work, alongside the local gods and elementals, complementing and coordinating their work. They encourage plant growth, reproduction of humans and animals to celebrate those lost and life celebrating rituals: works that would take more time than Bureau employees can generally afford to fully dedicate to a project.

The works they do hold the powers of death at bay and increase respect for the great natural powers that sent the earthquake, the evanescence of felicity and fertility. Worship from this town to the Bureau increases 30%*** and the agency receives their agreed 50% of that: 15% of the increase (not the total worship).

For more information about our Emergency Measures Dept, Training and Consultancy Dept (maximize the efficiency of your resources); Historical Reinvention Dept, or about Outsourcing work, contact: Pyramid Mansions, High Mount, Yu Shan.

* On total or per capita (in the case of disasters example
** Our Fate and Finance Dept calculate the amount using the highest levels of economic magitech so that variables in the area are accounted for – you only pay for what we’ve earned.
*** Per capita in this case.