The dew is shed in beauty, and roses bloom

This is my lunar character from Golden Opportunity. Mani (the local name for the moon deity) was born in a nomadic barbarian tribe in the South. She was apprenticed to the shaman and exalted knowing sorcery. She studies terrestrial spells using the Salinan working and, so far, has never used a sorcery book to teach herself. She has great faith in the strength of her pack as a group, but values her friend Wandered Lamb - an ex-Immaculate Air Aspect born in the Varangian city states - for someone to theorize with. She only wishes Herla could stand him.


Name: Ma'ani (meaning Diamond Jewel, the local name for Luna, in Flametongue)
Aspect: No Moon
Spirit Shape: Jeweled Serpent
Anima: Purple serpent with shimmering silver jewelled panels; -1 to hit and -6m from occult involving charms
Tell: Forked tongue, snake eyes
Motivation: Protect the knowledge that remains
Intimacies: Learning, Independence, Freedom of thought, Our pack, Wandered Lamb
Faction: Winding path sympathies, initiate of Crossroads society.


Physical Social Mental
Strength 2 (4xp) Charisma 3 Perception 5
Dexterity [F] 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 5 Spec: 3 Occult (1bp)
Stamina 2 (4xp) Appearance 5 Wits 3



War 2 Craft 1 Socialise 1 Investigation 1 Awareness 2
Survival 1 Dodge 2 Larceny 1 Lore 3 Spec 2: First Age (1bp) Bureaucracy 1
Sail 1 (3xp) Linguistics 3 (4 xp) Athletics 2 Occult [F] 5 (3bp) Integrity 1
Ride 1 Performance 2 Resistance 1 Stealth 2 Martial Arts 4 (6xp)

Craft: Air 1; Crystelsis 1
Linguistics: Riverspeak, Old Realm and High Holy Speech; Flametongue Native.


Artifact 3 - Enhanced Folding Servant (commit 3m to activate) (+1 IC since start)
Artifact 4 - Moonsilver Serpent Sting Staff (commit 5m)
Artifact 1 - Moonsilver Armour (gained in play)
Artifact 1 - Manse, + 3 dice to medicine rolls (1bp)
Artifact 4 - Sky-ship! (not really mine; gained in play)
Ally 3 - Wandered Lamb - Air Aspected Dragon Blood, ex - immaculate martial artist, essence 4, apprentice for sorcery (3bp)

Compassion 2
Temperence 2 (3xp)
Conviction 5 (3bp)
Valour 3

Willpower 9 (2bp) +++++++++

Essence 3
Personal 21
Peripheral 50 (7m committed, 8 when folding servant active)

Virtue Flaw: Curse of the Hungry Weaselverine (Identical to Hungry Wolverine but with weasels) - Vision of world as should be in instant and damn the consequences - partial control means might bully someone into going along rather than beating them with their own arm

Health: 0+, -1++, -2++++++, -4+,Incap+, Dying ++++


Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

1st Dex Excellency - 1m/die up to attribute
1st Cha Excelency
1st App Excellency
2nd Int Excellency - 2m/success to half attribute rounded up
2nd Per Excellency
1st Wits Excellency
4th Int Excellency

Graceful Crane Stance - 3m - balance

Oxbody Technique - 4 -2s and +2 dying levels

Dog Tongue Method - 1m 1wp - talk in animal form, without wp allows to talk to other animals of that form

Outworld Forsaking Stance - 3m - perfect mental parry to social attacks from creatures of darkness or adds charisma to dvs against their physical attacks

Hide of the Cunning Hunter - 2m - hides any distinctive marks inc. tattoos

Perfect Symmetry - 4m - double maximum diffs for appearance

Eye of the Cat - 6m - Notice anything not currently a valid target for perception

(10xp) Instinctive Essence Prediction - 4m - Scene long - roll perc+essence to determine what a charm roughly does, diff is their charm's min essence. Also can add any threshold successes to contested rolls if you attempt to resist a target's charm with another.

(10xp) All Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight - 6m - character can see motes etc, so as though all charms are obvious; can see dematerialized creatures and identify artifacts/manses. Add targets essence in dice to roll to pierce stealth. Int+Occult to identify charms, diff 5 to identify perfectly; to identify someone's essence trait/artifacts etc is diff 2.

Counting the Elephants Wrinkles - 1m - int+lore, single success to remember anything

Inevitable Genius Insight - 5m 1wp - for 1 research project: +1 success to every roll applicable, dice adding limit increased to attrib+essence, ignore fatigue penalties. To do anything else for a scene willpower roll with -2 internal penalty, to stop willpower roll diff Temperence.

Changing Plumage Mastery - change superficial details

Internal Form Mastery - use own dexterity if wish to

(11xp) Prey's Skin Disguise - eat people (shapeshifting into people costs 3m 1wp - animals just 3m and to true form 1m)

Cirrus Skiff - 15m - cloud platform can get on and off for scene, 1 passenger/2 dots of essence, 100lbs x essence; maneuverability 4R, speed 45/90 mph, armour 2L/5B, health levels - Ux10/Mx2/Cx1/Ix1/D

Conjuring the Azure Chariot - 15m - +4 passengers or essence x 100 lbs - 90% cover; only during daylight; speed 100/200 mph; maneuvrability 3R; Armour 25L/35B; Health levels - Ux15/Mx5/Cx3/Ix2/D

Dragon of Smoke and Flame - 20m - serpentine guide; lasts a day, till find location or until dismissed; can guide infallibly to any known location, inc in Wyld etc; or can guide to destination with property (not a specific not visited location or really unique properties such as oricalchum) - roll wits+occult and diff 1 - e.g. water in a forest, dif 2 - e.g. water in desert, dif 3 - highly uncommon e.g. shelter in wasteland, dif 4 - e.g. diamonds; dif 5 - e.g. jade or safety in the Wyld (if roll fails just acts as light).

Flying Guillotine - 10m - make sign - barbed chain 2ft, 170 yrds/tick, c.340 mph; attacks anyone can see within 500 yds; rolls perc+occult+essence in auto successes; can't parry without stunt or charm; +2 diff to spot if unexpected; avoids obstacles and can turn corners; 18L dice, decapitates if takes below incap, negates penalty for attacking commander

Infallible Messenger - 10m - max 5 minute message, anywhere in creation or Yu Shan

(10 xp) Paralyzing Contradiction - 15m - speak koan - all sentient creatures within 50 yds (not automata) whose intelligence is above 1; they solve on extended intel+lore roll, diff sorc's essence and successes that equal lore; attacking ends for the person attacked

(10 xp) Thunder Wolf's Howl - 10m - area 10 yds across within 100 yds of sorc; cannot be paried or dodged at all; sorc roll int+occult, successes+essence = levels of bashing damage; ignores armour; undead/inanimate half normal soak. -2 int penalty for 5 ticks/success; essence users roll stamina+resist to discount a success with each of theirs

(5 bp) Summon Elemental - 10m, 4 hrs; diff one reflexive banishing if fails; serve for one month or a single task lasting year and a day; willpower struggle to bind = essence+willpower opposed roll - elemental at -1 internal penalty for each 5m sorc spends - keep rolling the two dice pools until either accumalates 3 or more successes more than the other. Need ritual...


Punch - Speed 5, Acc 10, Damage 2B, DV 5, Rate 3

Serpent Sting Staff - Speed 5, Acc 11, Damage 12B, DV 8, Rate 3 Piercing

Dodge DV 5

Soak 6L/7B (Moonsilver Armour 5L/5B, 2L/2B Hardness, 2 Attune; Perfect Breastplate +5L/3B on Folding Servant)




Gleaming Serpent Reflex
Dexterity Excellancy, Graceful Crane Stance, Eye of the Cat, Wits Excellency

Holy Fangs of Lunar
Outworld Forsaking Stance, Dexterity Excellancy

Hypnotic Cobra's Gaze
Charisma Excellancy, Appearance Excellancy, Perfect Symmetry

Whispering Sloth
Dog Tongue Method, Charisma Excellancy, Appearance Excellancy

Skins of Times Past
Counting the Elephants Wrinkles, Intelligence Excellancy





Enormous man

Attributes - 8xp, 1bp; Abilities - 13xp, 4bp; Backgrounds 3xp, 4bp (swapped a charm for 4 bp at character creation); Virtues 3xp, 3bp; Willpower 2bp; Charms 51 xp, 5bp; (15bp spent and 75xp)

15 xp Remaining


Mani with tattoos hidden