Battlestar Galactica - The wind began to howl

So BSG finally finished. It certainly reaffirmed my certainty that a lot of shows work better with a finite time limit (I've been enjoying Lost a lot more for the same reason). I enjoyed the finale, the action was good and the emotional arc to conclude the series was great as well. The plotting on the finale really worked for me as well, just when you thought they were going to do a classic sci-fi reconciliation ending they turned things around again. Overall I think BSG was a great show and I'd heartily recommend it cos I loved it all the way.

There was one aspect of the series which left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. There were a lot of weird unexplained plot elements in BSG. Stuff like the Balthar/Six visions of each other, the Hera stuff and the Starbuck things. I was hoping for some kind of cool wrapping up that suddenly made sense of everything, in exactly the way X-Files didn't. My money had been on a secret third race of human/cylon hybrids. It seemed that they went for the explanation that it was 'God' though. Now, my feelings about religion are probably well known to most people so I won't transition into one of my normal rants. I think TV can do religion, but I like there to be some ambiguity. DS9, for example, which I have been rewatching DVDs of recently, always danced brilliantly on the line of the wormhole aliens/prophets thing.

I think they were trying to throw a bone to that need with the line near the end 'Hey. You know he doesn't like that name.' But it didn't ring true - there seemed to be no other mechanism for the plot issues than divine intervention. For me it sullied what would otherwise have been a fantastic finale, and made me just a tiny bit less positive about the series as a whole. But since my starting position was complete adoration I guess it's not that important in the grand scheme of things.