Dollhouse - New beginnings

So, Joss Whedon, has a new show called Dollhouse, just in case you didn't know. And if you didn't, quite frankly, what are you doing here? In case you didn't know I'm something of a Whedon fan.

I've now seen the first two episodes, and whilst it hasn't quite met my expectations that was only because my expectations were ridiculously high. The whole thing has been very well plotted, acted and directed so far I reckon. Both episodes were pretty tightly done in general although it has been forced into slight clunkiness at times due to the need for exposition in quite a complex setting. But they've been very gripping and very watchable.

There's a couple of things missing for me, though if Joss continues his run of pefection I'm sure they'll be solved in the immediate future. Firstly, it's hard to find someone to identify or empathise with. The only people who seem to have much of a character so far are relatively unpleasant. Tahmoh Penikett's (yay for BSG vets) character seems cool, but ill-defined so far, and perhaps a little ruthless, similarly for Harry Lennix's character. I'm intrigued by the two sciency characters, played by Amy Acker (a good old Joss Whedon regular) and Fran Kranz, but neither of them seems to have distinguished themselves so far. And Echo is just a blank slate, there's plenty of sympathy, but not much empathy.

The other thing that I miss from the other Joss Whedon shows is the dialogue. The buffy-speak he created for Buffy was one of the best things about the show and I always loved the slightly odd speech patterns from Firefly. There have been flashes of the typical Whedon-esque dialogue. The odd lines here and there in both episodes, but it's not central to the premise. I guess it's something to do with the rooting of the show, both Buffy and Firefly were grounded in unreality, whereas even though there are some heavy science fiction elements to Dollhouse it's grounded in a much more grown up reality. The show seems much darker then his previous shows, but we'll see how it develops I suppose.

I'm really intigued to see how Joss develops the meta plot of the show. I'm sure each episode as an individual will work well, but I really wanna know how the overarching story goes. What role will the FBI guy have? How will Echo change? I just hope the show goes a while. If another Joss show gets cancelled before its time the only possible response would be a killing spree. And no one wants that.