24 - 7th Time Around

24 has been up and down a lot over the years, the first season was brilliant TV. But these things are always better when the gimmick is fresh. Season 2 was very poor, and then it's fluctuated since. I want to say that the odd seasons were good and the even seasons were bad, but they've kinda merged together in my memory. Season 6 was certainly hugely ridiculous and pretty poor most of the way. It's hard to top a nuclear bomb in downtown LA in like episode 6 or whenever it was.

Season 7 took a year longer than originally planned to hit the screens due to the writers strike, and I seem to remember an interview with Kiefer Sutherland about wanting to get things right becuase of a weak season 6. I was pleased with the first few episodes, they seemed to be doing something a bit new and a bit different from previous seasons. And as a big Tony fan it was nice to see him back, though I bit worried to see him become a bad guy. But a few episodes in everything got very conventional again and it's back to all the usual 24 stuff. It's being done pretty well, it seems somewhat less preposterour than the previous season and it's kept up some tension like the good old days. Just not sure it's anything special any more. I'll still watch it of course, but it's not quite the televisual event it used to be.