Push and Shove

Bit of weird little drabble this, originally submitted to Fuselit on their theme of 'Jack' but, unfortunately, not quite what they were looking for. It deals with what might be called a dysfunctional relationship :)

Push and Shove
You hiss and you spit,
Your castigations and vile chastising.
You're a vituperative viper with vitriol a-plenty
And yet your verve is enticing;
A spicy treat to be consumed in aural delectation,
Tickling my palate with each chilli word or umami phrase
That slips from cranberry lips, off honeyed tongue.
But they don’t mean jack.

The claws are out, keen and raking,
Scoring tracks and fiery points,
Your comb of truth unravels my lies
Thread by thread from the loose-woven web;
My skein of distraction, form for abstraction,
Stirring from inaction the trigger of your wrath.
And so you loose with volley and thunder
The cannons to breach my sliding doors;
And yet they don’t mean jack.

For it really don’t mean a thing
Since we do got that swing.