(8/30) If I Raised to You a Monument

Another one which references the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - dunno why they seem to have become stuck in my head. Except where Criminally Ancient referred to them as they were, this one references where they are believed to be in the modern world.

Legendary 3/5

If I Raised to You a Monument

If I Raised to You a Monument

If I raised to you a monument
Would that bring you back to me here?
Make you settle down, not forever,
But at least on’t sofa tonight?
I could start out small, keep it neat,
A cairn of stones in the garden.
Maybe build on that, expand a bit,
A grotto with well-tended flame?

Okay, so that might buy me a month…
I’ve got to think bigger, better…
Something that’s more epic and lasting
True icon to the wonder of you.
You gallivant, globally restless.
So I’ll need to raise foreign builds.
Seven I think should be doing it
And then you’ll perpetually stay?

I’ll start off on the island of Rhodes
Raise a statue to you made of gold
Since you stride the world like a titan –
My feelings soar free to your height.
To woo you further, no mere bunch this –
Out of dusty sands in Iraq,
Blooms that match but cannot surpass
Your beauty I’ll grow to give.

To effort commensurate of chase,
A home for love’s dedication
In Selcuk, Turkey, a pyre flame
To the hunt and pursuit of you.
With flowers and chase so courted
Next a gift box housing my love.
No longer temp’ral, in Giza entombed
Etern’ly a symbol to you.

As feelings grew, so did my fervour
So Olympia’s the best place to
Build a totem of primacy; claim
That I hope you acknowledge.
And the dunes of Bodrum will give rise
To last reservations’ tomb.
Leaving only commitment to give,
Following perfection in you.

Alexandria’s where I put up
New tower and set welcoming light.
Not a torch but a beacon, a grail!
As and when you choose to come home.