(7/30) Daydreams

Some musings following a train journey spent staring out the window from London to York last week.

Legendary 2/5


Where the blue sky of contentment
Meets the sea of same ol’, same ol’
In the horizon’s a sliver of regret.
And when the peace of twilight hits
The fields of golden grain or seed
There grow shadows of what may have been.
The what ifs and mayhaps take wing
From roost in history’s branches;
The scenic view is a train into the past
Passing flora and fauna of nostalgia
Tinted in rose and sepia shades.

But, and here’s the rub,
If you’re looking to the horizon,
In shadows or out the corner of the eye
The pieces are cast in a new light
Look wrong in silhouette
Or the indirect length of
Their clinging light-born alter egos.

The scene, it warps…
…weaves a new possibility into the weft of memory.
The one where you could have been a contender,
Led an army to victory or scored the winning goal;
Consolidates, commemorates, commiserates
Concatenations of circumstance that
Consider changes to one’s own canon
Which serve to break the humdrum and
Dream the stories that will never be.
Because we’re actually all too busy
Forging the legends that we really are.