(6/30) Criminally Ancient

Somewhat strange esoterica tonight to kick off the first of a new theme, thanks to BraveSirRobin. I like the idea but probably needs a little more refining...

Legendary 1/5

Criminally Ancient

I close my lids
Plump the pillow,
Slip softly into slumber
And prowl paths long past.

Tonight I am a vandal
Looking to launch my legend
Working on wishful wonders
And just asking for an ancient ASBO.


In Babylon I plucked the hanging fruit
Blocked the pumps and blew the walls.
For the top dogs of the Greek gods
Pyromania lit my eyes and
Set the sparks to dancing -
Hunting Artemis down in Ephesus;
Setting Helios' sun in Rhodes;
Snuffing Zeus' Olympic torch.
And in the time of pharoahs
With broken mirror bad luck
A Pharos I brought down.
Then brick by brick I robbed a tomb
In Antioch, at Helicarnassus.
A visceral first I think you'll agree -
An end to the first mausoleum.

But, and this is a woeful but,
My bingo card remains incomplete.
There is one, the only one,
That eludes the grasp of my
Sublimated somnolent sabotage.
Each night I try, each night I fail;
This wonder denies me my legend.
Am I doomed to suffer failure's curse
To square the Pyramid at Giza?