(4/30) Fall / Falling / Fallen

Bit of weird conceit on this one, hope it actually reads as well as it does in my head :-p

Falling 4/5

Fall / Falling / Fallen

By the wayside for so very long;
Flat on my face whenever I try;
Back when the new is too scary;
To indecision’s appealing inertia and
Under the tank tracks of life.

Asleep at the wheel of my fate;
Between the cracks of a Rubik’s cube;
Off a ladder to slide down a snake;
Behind all the others that race;
About laughing if it weren’t so pathetic.

Prey to desires to change things.
For promises that it can be different!
Away from the straight and the narrow,
Down the rabbit hole,
In with a really bad crowd.

Over myself just to please them.
Short of the desired acquisition -
Foul of the law and their sirens.
From any good graces I might be in…
On my sword as the only way out?

Apart, breaking down… but what’s this?
Star that appears so to wish on…
Through hoops that were set to try me,
With new hopes and your hand in mine;
Fast for your new resolutions.

Out with the old way of thinking and
Hard for your charming ways.