(30/30) The Better Question

After thirty days and numerous backlogs of writers block, it's finally done.

And this one is just plain weird. No ifs or buts. A stream of consciousness kind of piece, partly inspired by all the various 'versus' memes and tropes present in pop culture but also by the terrible actions of those who are supposed to uphold civil liberties. This one is dedicated to my muse, my good friend, my partner in poetic crime, Hannah 'Chutzpah' Eiseman-Renyard and the other zombie fleshmobbers who were picked on, on Friday.

Oppose 5/5

The Better Question

The animals were the first to be tested.
Hare was set against tortoise
As Xeno and Ibid wagered words and wine.
And baboon was set upon badger
Before all was skewed when
The jets took out the sharks.

Then the geneticists with their splicings
And the fantasists from their madness
Took up the reins, entering the fray.
With MegaShark and vampires
And the hideous Alien sent in
To do battle with Giant Octopus,
Werewolves and the Predator.
But then things took a turn for the decidedly weird
As chalk gained the upper hand against cheese.

Next up was technology to settle the score
With mushrooms and golden rings up as bounty
Mario and Luigi led Nintendo and PC
To fight the forces of Sega and Mac
Headed up by Generals Sonic and Tails.

But still the situation remained unresolved
So whole armies did take to the field
Bolstered by pact most bizarre
And History just half-remembered.
In the Reds corner was mustered
A motley assortment of Roundheads and pirates and Marvel
Reinforced with the Atreides and Tudors.
And arrayed against them on the Blues side
Old foes all in the Cavaliers and ninjas and DC
With Harkonnen and Plantagenets in rear.
New forces were called in as things
Failed to progress and stalemate loomed on the cards.
So the Order of the Stick came to the fore
Pitching up against a new Linear Guild
For truth, justice and the comical way.

And whilst already epic, the bigger questions erupted
As Black took on White for the spawning of creatures.
Down the quintain came jousting
With windmills on both sides
Good versus Evil, which melded and meshed
And was forcing this bunch,
A ragtag subconscious gestalt,
To improvise arms:
Scott Pilgrim, Fat Kitten and You and Me,
Of course,
All of us versus the World!

And then it was just me.
Versus the alarm.
Versus a world awoken.
And all I was left with
Was a sour distaste
Of autocracy versus zombies
Of the State versus fun
Imagination now cornered and censured.

Can I go back to sleep now?