(29/30) Siblings

Okay so it's the Royal Wedding Day. Fair enough.

But more importantly there's the reason for writing this piece. Only one day from finishing NaPoWriMo and getting my sanity back!! (well, what little I had to start with anyway).

Actually, the real reason, is because today is my sister's birthday. My fantastic, loving sister who is always there for me, even during the times I didn't want anyone around.

So this one's for her.

Oppose 4/5


Not exactly rivals, but not always eye to eye.
Especially when it came to sharing our toys.
And I’m sorry now (well, I was then too)
For all that drove a wedge ‘tween you and I.

Separate rooms, but more alike than we’d say.
Frictions ever fractions over little things;
But those squabble-built foundations
Have given rise to friendship shared today.

Far apart, but never worlds, only really lengths.
For all the times we raised each other’s hackles
Contending over victories irrelevant or minor
Bu always some affection in matching our strengths.