(20/30) The Gunners

Last one for the set and an actual football-related one! It's supposed to be both slightly irreverent and an homage to the notion of football as conflict and not just competition.

Arsenal 5/5

The Gunners

We march with banners flying free,
A rallying cry, our call to arms -
Red and white when we’re at home,
Black and yellow when on the road -
To muster those who share our aim,
Camp followers under colours.
We’re a solid company,
Of squaddies we number thirty-two.
Every one is true and good,
Led by our hawk-eyed Brigadier who was
Trained on the fields of France.
The Emirates is our named citadel,
Our barracks and parade ground,
Standing proud in London town
Our pennants setting standards.
Our war room with its medal chest
Shows off the spoils of our campaigns;
This bastion of gold-flecked memory
To the hallowed field of dreams.
It’s here we fight and from here we roll
Our magazine of well-primed cannons
Which rumble down to blow away
The strike force of their vanguard troops,
The serried ranks of their defenders,
Down their wings and sweeper drones
‘Til we burst through to assault the goal,
Capture all the points from this affray
And bring them home to place on table.
All sappers we, all scrappers we,
Oft bruised and hurt;
United for the cause.