(17/30) Mornington Crescent

Given the theme, it was inevitable there'd be a Tube related one. And if you're going to do anything about the London transport network it might as well involve a certain game...

Arsenal 2/5

This one is dedicated to a Mrs Trellis of North Wales.

Note: Some moves have been shortened or omitted for poetic licence as they will be obvious to all but the most novice of players.

Mornington Crescent

It’s the championship game
Nerves need to be steady,
Deep breaths to be taken
But my podumes are ready.
All for the chance so to sip
From the trophy, a porcelain bowl,
Donated by the sponsor A. Shanks.
And now I’m so close to the goal,
I don’t expect any real surprises
As the ruleset is Holland Park 2K
But I’ll cope as I usually do if
Down strange lines he’s going to stray.
And we’re off with an Arsenal first move
He straddles to Bank, avoiding the loss
Of a precious gold token so early
So I press on to take Charing Cross.
Counter goes down on Richmond,
I claim the Central at Lancaster Gate,
Am riposted through Ealing Broadway,
Though forced to Embankment at rate.
My LV’s too high, I must slow down
Options are limited so let’s take a punt
On sailing round Cyprus on the Docklands LR
And then fly in with the old Heathrow shunt.
I close off the diagonal at Kenton
And spend a pink to put them in spoon.
But he falls back, to renew battle at Edgware
And he speeds into Vauxhall too soon.
I don’t like the look in his eyes,
Some gambit, some ploy’s up his sleeve
Oh no… he’s not gone and done that…
Dollis Hill – and I’m not set to receive.
This’ll go round for some time, Dollis Hill.
Bouncing and looping the line, Dollis Hill.
For the want of a green podume, Dollis Hill.
Dollis Hill, Dollis Hill, Dollis Hill.
The Bakerloo’s closed, I’m in knip…
Starting to sweat now… what should I do?
My usual routes are all blocked out…
This is awful! I’m sorry… I haven’t a clue!
But then like Harry Beck’s original tube map
The answer is so elegantly simple
Spend a red to sync my LV to Oval and
Do a Stovoldian Leap straight to Temple.
Pure relief! And my spirits so buoyed
I place the dastard right into croup!
After a trip to Royal Oak and Northolt
Out comes a Flying Double Platform Loop.
White City and Redbridge, Goldhawk Road, Turnham Green.
When reality dawns, it’s exceedingly pleasant
To block a Great Shunt into Amersham’s arms
As I steam into Mornington Crescent!