(16/30) I Have the Power

A vague sense of reminiscence for this one. Alternative title was going to be "Now We Are Six".

Arsenal 1/5

I Have the Power

“Board them and plunder, my bold and scurvy crew!”
I’m a captain on the high seas, swashbuckling away,
With good men and traitors made to walk planks by my cutlass true.
“So avast ye Navy sea dogs! Today’s the pirates’ day!”

Soaring high above the woods and all those patchwork farms,
Whistling wind beneath my wings, the Red Baron’s in my sights.
I hear the rattling laughter of aerial firearms
Machine-gun loop the loops in our backyard ace dogfights!

Today I’m getting orders from the Sorceress of Grayskull
Or using sight beyond sight to spy impending omens
So that with my sword of power all enemies I may cull
Be it Skeletor from next door or generic Mutant tokens.

Two balls and one wicket to go as I step up to the crease,
My bat in hand, narrowed eyes, awaiting line and length.
"Aww man, that was never lbw!" But floral umpire holds his peace
As I advance with willow club backed up by six years’ strength.

The heft is good; shot’s lined up, it’s almost time to fire on the rube,
But… “Simon! Time to come in! Dinner’ll be ready soon!
“Get inside and get washed up, put away that cardboard tube!”
I lay down my bazooka; yet another target saved by mother’s boon.