(15/30) Professional Shame

Woo! Halfway there! Anyway, something more light-hearted than the previous few offerings to finish up the theme with.

Compromise 5/5

Professional Shame

Vive la difference is all well and good
When you keep to yourself and act like you should.
When adding some colour, most stay within
The lines we all draw; no advocate for sin.

Yet everyone has their little secrets
The high and the mighty, the low and the meek, it’s
The imp in the darkness with the trident again;
Everyone likes to unleash the devil now and then.

But shame is the tether that pulls us all back
From the brink to the light, onto respectable track.
Yet some double lives, led each side of the line
Have lots to lose if uncovered and won’t come out fine.

There’s a top civil servant into somewhat strange things
Like a bag over the head whilst wearing stockings.
And down in the office, the doctor of Harley Street
To patients’ notes he sits beating his meat.

There’s a lawyer by day and pole dancer by night
School loans are repaid but his tips are just right.
And the prim lady stockbroker, walking the floor,
Spreads her bets and much more as the new ‘Belle du Jour’.

The respectable head has crack-dealing hours;
The lumberjack who likes to press wild flowers;
The footballer who is playing away from home
Though very far from grandma he’ll never roam.

The MP’s in the counting house, falsifying claims,
The cricketer’s on the playing field, throwing all the games
And for the ball and all the waiting paparazzi
The prince is in the costume shop… making a very bad decision.

So why’d they do it? The scandal’s oft a riddle,
That’s crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle
Since it’s quite hard to contrive that that armadillo
Is just as they’d call it, a slight peccadillo.